No one wants a gap in between the teeth. Everyone strives for a perfect, aesthetically appealing smile because crooked teeth divert the attention towards this issue. If you suffer from this problem and are eager to know more regarding the gap in your teeth, the reason for its appearance, and smile restoration plan, read on to get your answers.

Diastema – Gap In Teeth

The space in between your teeth is known as diastema. You may have gaps anywhere along the lines of your jaw bone, however, it is most commonly found between the 2 incisors.
Mostly, this gap emerges in children of ages 5 years or younger. Usually, it closes itself by the time they reach the ages of 8 or 10. However, if the permanent set of incisors and canines have already grown up and the gap is still present between the teeth, it is likely to stay open throughout.

Gap In Teeth – Causes

There are multiple reasons associated with the presence of gaps in the teeth explained below.

1. Frenum Fold

A frenum is a skin fold structure that connects the upper lip with the gum line. If your frenum is placed lower than normal, it will make a small or big gap in the teeth.

2. Gene Factor

The teeth’ size is determined according to the genes; if it is tinier than the jaw bone, they will surely have gaps between them.

3. Thumb Sucking

Usually, the children who habitually suck their thumb put extra pressure on the front jaw, pushing them forward.

4. Tongue Thrust

Tongue thrust is a condition that appears in adults during the later years. If the swallowing pattern is incorrect, the tongue pushes frontal incisor teeth forward, forming a void in them.

5. Missing Tooth

Some adults, but most commonly children, have a missing tooth by birth or because of a trauma, creating a big space in the teeth.

6. Gum Disease

People with gum diseases have inflammation of the gums, which are supposed to hold and strengthen the tooth. Furthermore, this issue can cause tooth loss as well, leaving behind spaces between them.

Filling The Gap In Teeth

Most of the time, people do not fret about leaving it just like that because it seems like a cosmetic issue. However, if this problem is because of gum disease, your dentist will provide multiple options for fixing it.


These brackets and wires impose pressure on the teeth, resultantly closing the space between them.

Veneers or Bonding

Dental bonding or veneers are a good option if you do not want braces. The dentist uses a resin similar to your tooth color to fill in the void between the teeth.

Frenulum Surgery

Removal of extra tissue (in the frenulum) helps reduce the space. However, if the gap is big, you may require braces with it.


A gap in the teeth may not seem much of an issue, but in reality, it does have a huge impact on an individual’s development. Dentists at Cypress Dental in TX will fix you up on the right for restoration of your precious smile. Call now at 832 427 6620 or 832 427 6933 for information or more.

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