The tooth replacement treatment is not as easy as it perhaps seems. Over time a few conditions can develop in the mouth due to some infection because of a foreign object plantation. The condition of having sore gums around the crown is common. However, the causes of sore gums around the crown are many. A few of the reasons are mentioned below.

Poor Dental Care

Most of the dental problems start from a person not taking enough care of their dental hygiene. If pain starts, one must make sure that they keep dental hygiene as a priority to avoid any debris from trapping in between the teeth. Flossing helps in this regard. After crown replacement, dentists recommend taking care of dental hygiene the most as the condition of sore gums around the crown may occur due to the same.

Metal Sensitivity

A crown is an alloy of many metals. Such a metal in the crown is nickel. Sometimes soreness in gums may occur if a person is sensitive to the nickel in the crown. Therefore, the patient must check with the dentist the material of the crown and whether or not he/she could be sensitive to it.

Crown Contour

The contour of the artificial crown should be as same as the contour of a natural crown. However, artificial crowns are bigger than the natural crown. It will be difficult for the removal of plaque if there is no space between the two crowns. This accumulates bacteria leading to gum infection around the crown.

Many factors must be kept in consideration when one goes for dental treatment. However, if one neglects any of those, then it leads to dental issues in the future. Therefore, people must take care of their teeth, but if they still face trouble after getting a crown, they should contact professional dentistry like Cypress Dental for pain relief. You can also call on 832-427-6620 for more information.

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