Experiencing a loose tooth is quite common for kids. But if an adult experiences a loose tooth, it becomes a cause of concern. With a loose tooth, a person faces difficulty while eating and chewing food, and even while talking.

When an adult faces a loose tooth at a later stage in life, he/she experiences other symptoms as well, which include swollen and red gums, gum recession, and bleeding gums.

What may cause a loose tooth?

An adult may never experience a loose tooth without any specific reason. Therefore, it is important to notice even the slightest movement of teeth while brushing or flossing.
A loose tooth can be a symptom of advanced gum disease and may occur due to bacterial infection. Usually, gum diseases occur when a person fails to maintain dental hygiene and skips brushing. This builds up tartar underneath the gums. It is possible to treat it at an early stage and stop any infection and inflammation.

Any untreated infection may make the gum disease worse, resulting in bone deterioration. Thereafter, the bone fails to support the teeth, and they become loose. The early you are able to identify the symptoms of gum diseases, the better treatment you can get.

Other causes

Apart from gum diseases, a loose tooth may result from the following:

Teeth grinding: A person when unconsciously grinds teeth while sleeping, it damages the teeth. It may also cause headaches and facial pain.

Injury: An accident and injury to the mouth may make the teeth become loose. This is also possible when a person falls or is hit by something on the face.

Treatment of a loose tooth

For an adult, the dentist identifies the cause of loose tooth first and then begins the treatment. Depending on the condition, the dentist suggests flap surgery, bone grafting, splinting, and bite adjustment.

It is, therefore, necessary that you take immediate action if you experience any symptoms that may result in loose teeth and visit Cypress Dental for the treatment. You can also call us on (832)-427-6620 for booking an appointment with us.

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