Bone grafting is an essential part of an implant procedure specifically for those who do not have sufficient bone left for the implant. The bone in which the dentist places an implant must react positively and heal on time. However, in many cases, dental bone graft failure may occur after the procedure or during the healing process. There can be various reasons for dental bone graft failure, and the following are some of them:
• Infection in the bone
• Inappropriate material used for bone grafting
• Health Concerns
• An inappropriate technique used

Bone graft infection and exposure

An infection in the bone after an implant may give rise to dental bone graft complications and compromise the success of your implant. This can be due to improper techniques applied during the process. Furthermore, poor dental hygiene at home may also lead to dental bone graft failure.

Bone grafting may also fail if the gum tissues recede or break down. Gum recession may cause the bone to expose, which may compromise its healing process.


It is essential to identify bone graft rejection symptoms before this becomes severe. If the infection is mild, the dentist may give antibiotics that would cure the infection. However, if the infection is severe, the dentist would need to remove the bone graft along with suggesting medicines.

If one fears bone graft exposure, it is necessary to contact a dentist for proper treatment. If the exposure is minor, the dentist will suggest antibiotics or a soft diet. This would help the tissues to grow and cover the exposed area. However, in the case of significant exposure, supporting therapy would be beneficial. In extreme cases where the graft starts to move or is getting infected, it is wise to remove it.

It is crucial that a person chooses a reliable dentist for getting an implant installed so that the chances of dental bone graft failure reduce considerably. Contacting Cypress Dental can ease you from the fear of bone graft failure. Call on 832-427-6620 for scheduling an appointment with us to get a bone graft successfully.

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