The pain before a root canal can be agonizing, but what about the tooth pain you experience after the procedure? Yes, a root canal procedure is supposed to get rid of the infected pulp, freeing you of pain and discomfort. However, some complications can occur even after the procedure. In this blog, we’ll explain why you feel discomfort following your root canal therapy.

Reasons for Tooth Pain After Root Canal

It is not uncommon to experience minor discomfort after a root canal. But experiencing pain weeks after a root canal might signify a possible complication resulting from the procedure. Hence, visiting your dentist can help determine the cause and treat the condition. You might have pain because:

1. You have an Infection

A root canal procedure is essentially performed to remove or treat the infected tooth pulp. Sometimes, bacteria remain in your tooth after a root canal. In addition, bacteria can infect a filled tooth, particularly if the filling leaks. So the pain might actually be one of the signs of infection after a root canal. Thus, discomfort following your root canal procedure could mean your tooth is infected.

2. The Filling or Crowns Are Oversized

Your tooth is vulnerable after a root canal. So the endodontist fills the space with a dental filling after the procedure. Sometimes, they might attach a crown if the tooth is in a weak condition. An oversized crown or filling can result in an aching tooth. This is because the additional filling causes the tooth to sit higher, causing pain when you bite down. Moreover, the opposing tooth might hurt due to the pressure from an oversized crown.

3. An Infected Canal was Missed

If you had the root canal procedure done on your molar or back teeth, it is possible that your dentist missed an infected canal. Since there are multiple canals, it might be difficult to detect one or two, leading to pain after the procedure. Furthermore, you might experience sensitivity when something cold, hot, or acidic comes in contact with your tooth.

4. You Have Tissue Damage

The treatment might damage the surrounding tissue. This can happen for multiple reasons, like bacteria invading the tissue. Other than this, overfilling the root canal can damage the tissue as well. Additionally, the file used for cleaning might accidentally poke the tissue. As a result, you’ll experience tooth pain after a root canal.

Why does a Root Canal Tooth Hurts Years Later?

Many people complain that their tooth is hurting years after the root canal. Root canal failure and a cracked tooth can cause your root canal tooth to hurt years later after the procedure. If you’re experiencing discomfort long after the procedure, visit your dentist immediately.

What’s Next?

A root canal procedure helps get rid of the infected root pulp that was causing discomfort. But, sometimes, complications follow. Pain after a root canal might be due to an infection, tissue damage, missed canal, or more. Contact your dentist soon after you notice discomfort to address the problem. Neglecting the pain can result in worse circumstances. Therefore, visit a reputable dental office like Cypress Dental Clinic. Dial (832) 427-6933 or (832) 427-6620 to schedule an appointment today.

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