The bump on your gums might seem like there is some severe oral issue going on in your mouth. But, before you panic, it is usually not an indicator of a serious problem. We will list seven reasons why you have a lump on your gum and when to seek immediate medical attention.

What Causes Bump On Gums?

The pimple on your gum can indicate many conditions, including:

  1. Cyst
    The bump you see might be a small bubble filled with air, liquid, or other soft materials, called a dental cyst. Cysts typically appear near the roots of a dead or buried tooth, gradually growing. You will rarely feel any symptoms unless they become infected. Then, you might observe mild pain and swelling.
    Your dentist can remove the cyst and treat the dead root tissue to ensure it does not reappear.
  2. Abscess
    A periodontal abscess is a result of a bacterial infection. It is a painful lump on the gum filled with pus. Additionally, it is soft and warm to the touch. You might also experience throbbing pain and other symptoms, like:

    • Sudden throbbing pain that comes and gets worse
    • Pain that spreads to the ear, neck, and jaw
    • Pain worsening after you lie down
    • Red or swollen gums or face

    You need immediate medical attention for a periodontal abscess, as the infection can spread to other areas and cause further complications.
    Your dentist might drain the pus and remove the source of infection. However, they might suggest root canal treatments or tooth extraction if the case is severe.

  3. Canker Sore
    Canker sores are benign mouth ulcers that appear on the mouth’s soft surfaces, including the gums. The painful bump on your gums might be a canker sore if the following symptoms accompany it:

    • White or yellow spot surrounded by redness
    • Flat or raised bump
    • Tenderness
    • Pain when eating or drinking

    Canker sores take around two weeks to disappear, but you should see the dentist if they keep reoccurring.

  4. Oral Cancer
    Cancer in any region of your oral cavity is called oral or mouth cancer. The bump on your gums might be a cancerous tumor if you notice these:

    • A recurring sore that won’t heal
    • White or red spots on gums
    • Pain in the tongue or jaw
    • Difficulty chewing or swallowing
    • Painful swallowing or chewing
    • Bleeding sore
    • Loose teeth
    • Sore throat

    If you suspect that the lump or raised skin is an indication of oral cancer, visit your dentist as soon as possible to confirm.

  5. Pyogenic Granuloma
    A soft, painless lump on your gums might be a pyogenic granuloma. Although the cause is unclear, they are linked with minor injuries and irritation. Furthermore, some pregnant women also develop painless gum bumps. It is usually red or purple and bleeds easily.
    The treatment for these soft bumps usually involves surgical removal.

What Should I Do?

In conclusion, a bump on the gums might seem alarming, but it is generally a benign growth. Nonetheless, you should visit your doctor if it is painful, hard, persistent, or comes with other symptoms.

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