There was a time when mercury fillings were one of the most common dental procedures. Many adults have mercury fillings that were installed decades ago. If you have a mouth full of mercury, consider replacing these fillings with a composite or porcelain alternative. Replacing mercury fillings might seem like an inconvenience, but there are health and cosmetic benefits to the procedure. Keep reading to learn why you should replace those old fillings.

1- No More Mercury Exposure

While mercury fillings were once considered the safest way to fill cavities, modern dentists now know that mercury can be damaging to your health. Because mercury fillings are made using a mix of various metals (including mercury), most people are not exposed to enough mercury to cause a problem. However, we still recommend removing these fillings just in case.

2- Mercury Fillings Can Crack Over Time

Mercury fillings were once thought to be very strong, but modern fillings are even stronger. Mercury fillings can crack over time, making them less effective. Composite resin and porcelain fillings are stronger alternatives that we recommend.

3-  A More Subtle Alternative

The most obvious reason to replace metal fillings is that they are noticeable. When you smile, people will be able to see the silver-colored filling inside your molars. Porcelain and composite resin are tooth-colored, making them an alternative that no one will notice.

At Cypress Dental Clinic, we can easily remove your mercury fillings and replace them with strong, tooth-colored material. To learn more about mercury filling removal call 832-427-6620 to schedule an appointment.

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