Coffee is the ultimate awakening pill for many people, but their teeth pay the price of enjoying that daily cup. Dark drinks like red wine, tea, and coffee can stain your teeth and diminish the natural whiteness. The good news is that these pigments aren’t permanent, and there are many ways to remove coffee stains from teeth.

How to eliminate coffee stains on teeth

Regularly brushing your teeth might help with the stains, but alone it cannot be very effective. Here are 3 other ways to remove coffee stains from your teeth.

1. Professional care

If you miss your pearly whites and want that brightness back, schedule an appointment with your Cypress dentist for professional teeth cleaning. In some cases, your dentist might polish your teeth to remove the coffee and other stains from the uppermost layer.

Another option you have with your dentist is a professional teeth whitening procedure. This treatment with reclaims the lost whiteness of your teeth and removes the stains. If you want to save your whitened teeth from staining after the procedure, keep brushing your teeth twice a day with whitening toothpaste. Your dentist may also recommend other oral products.

2. Using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth

Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizer, and when applied to teeth, it forces the enamel to lose stubborn coffee stains. Along with that, baking soda stimulates the reaction. To form a mixture, take an empty dish or container and pour a few drops of hydrogen peroxide and then add little baking soda. Keeps stirring the mixture until a paste is formed.
Now apply the mixture to your teeth and let it sit for around 20 minutes and then brush your teeth with the toothpaste your use daily.

Don’t expect results on the same day. Good things take time to come, and you might see a difference in the shade of your teeth after 2-3 weeks.

3. Teeth-whitening kit

Consult your dentist and ask about the whitening kit that you can use comfortably at your home. Most of these techniques make use of hydrogen peroxide, so be careful and follow the steps as mentioned. The two types of whitening kits available on the market are teeth-whitening strips and liquid packs.

Liquid packs: The pack comes with guards for the upper and lower set of teeth. You will use syringes to apply the whitening liquid to the guards. Next, cover your teeth with the guards and wait for some time. Now all you have to do is rinse your mouth and brush your teeth.

Teeth-whitening strips: The same goes for whitening strips. Apply the solution to your teeth and place the strips. Now wait for a few minutes and then brush your teeth.


If you want to remove the coffee stains from your teeth, visit the dentist near you for a teeth cleaning or whitening treatment. Schedule an appointment with the experts at Cypress Dental Clinic by calling (832)-427-6620. Alternatively, you can make your own whitening mixture or use kits.

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