A tooth filling is a dental intervention performed when the tooth starts decaying or in case of cavity development. In those situations, dental fillings are the most appropriate saviors. Getting a dental filling is not a complex procedure. The dentist cleans the tooth and then removes the cavity. All of this is done after numbing the area, so generally, this procedure is painless. However, if you suffer from tooth pain after filling, it is something to ponder on.

Why Does My Tooth Pain After Filling?

In rare cases, a dental filling of your choice is not the end road of your toothache. In case you are still having tooth pain after filling them up, there might be some issues causing it.
The pain is usually due to sensitivity that is triggered by hot or cold foods, improper bite pressure, etc. Here is a list of some familiar stimuli for your aid:

Hot or Cold food /beverages
During eating or drinking, if anything of temperature, either hot or cold, reaches the filling, it sends sharp, intense pain. The solution is to maintain an adequate temperature and not consume anything too hot or cold.

Bite-pressure Troubles
If your tooth suffers from pain after biting or when it collides with another tooth, the reason for this is most likely the bite pressure. This may be because of the teeth filling coming in between the bite. You should visit your dentist as soon as you detect this problem and ask him to reshape your filling.

Bad fit or Cracked Up Tooth Filling:
Improper tooth fillings can have cracks or may wear away because of grinding or chewing pressure.
Other times, the fillings fall out or loosen up, which may be because of various reasons, such as ill-fitted or bad fit tooth filling. In such cases, the bacteria, along with food particles, make their way inside the voids between the filling and enamel.

Filling Material Reactions
You can suffer from an allergic reaction because of the filling materials used in the tooth. The most common filler is silver amalgam. This constituent allergy reacts in a similar way to that of a skin allergy; the symptoms that show up include skin rashes or itching.
The common causes of tooth pain after filling are mentioned above, each of which is easily solved. But, if you have throbbing tooth pain, it indicates that the issue is deep-seated and can’t be treated with filling. In that case, you would need a root canal.

Final Take Out

It is not new to hear people complain about tooth pain after filling. The key is to steer clear of triggers and follow basic hygiene properly. If the pain does not resolve after any remedy, visit our dentist at Cypress Dental Clinic, we are here for help. Contact at 979-308-4450.

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