You wake up with a sore, painful throat with reddish-white ulcers inside your mouth one day and get confused; want to know what they are? Well, the appearance of this ulceration is canker sore on the tonsil, which you can see at the back of your throat.

These ulcers range from mild to severe; minor canker sores are commonly found in places in the mouth such as the palate, lips, tongue, tonsils, etc. They are white-filled round or oval-shaped sores. Luckily, there is no need to visit a dentist for a canker sore on the tonsil. However, you may need help to deal with the discomfort and pain that comes with it.

This is a great piece if you are looking for answers regarding a canker sore at the back of your throat. We have covered in detail the reasons for canker sore development and Treatment option.

Causes of Canker Sore Development on the Tonsil

The research for backing up the exact cause of canker sore emergence on the tonsils is still not there. But, there are a few conditions linked to it. Mouth injuries such as a case of an accidental lip or cheek biting, anxiety, hormonal changes, or vitamin B-12 deficiency; can all play their part in the growth.

Moreover, there are various food or beverages that are consumed on a daily basis which canker sore growth on the tonsil. This category includes edibles high in acidic quantity; or food that has a common allergen component. If you accidentally take these trigger-containing foods, as soon as they touch the tonsil surface result in canker sores.
Having sore throat and canker sores feels alike, the throat pain discomfort, and fever. You may have a hard time distinguishing between these two. One way is to check the backside of the mouth in front of a mirror, observe the tonsils and see the changes. If you can spot huge white circles having red edges on any tonsil, that is a canker sore. However, if big white bumps and slight inflammation are present on both tonsils, it is a disease.

Treating Canker Sore on Tonsil

The discomfort as a result of a canker sore is treatable through home remedies such as rinsing the mouth with salt water solution thrice a day. It works well in combination with an antibacterial agent and lowers inflammation as well.

Additionally, baking soda and water together are great for relieving pain because of the sores. With these remedies, with these remedies, use painkillers for alleviating pain.

How Long Do Canker Sores Last on a Tonsil?

A small-sized tonsil lasts for around 3 to 4 days, and then it will start reducing naturally. However, the whole process will take about 10 days to heal completely.

As far as larger ones as concerned, healing will take at least 4 weeks. Unfortunately, one complication associated with it is that the sore leaves a mark behind after complete healing.
Signs that should not be taken lightly are:

  1. 15 day old canker sore
  2. High grade fever
  3. Sore moving on to the lips
  4. Large size and continued growing ulcer


Fortunately, canker sores go away as time passes naturally, but the recovery span depends on the lesion severity. If you require assistance, call your dentist immediately or fix an appointment with best dentist in Cypress at Cypress Dental Clinic; for further questions, contact us at 832 427 6620.

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