Can you feel a small gap between the base of your teeth and gums? Does it hurt? Could be gums receding from the line. Want to know How to stop receding gums? Read along; this article has all your answers. Apart from expert care, here’s how to deal with it at home.
Let’s take a look at what receding gums are, causes, symptoms, and treatment.

Receding Gums

Receding means moving back from the current position. As the phrase indicates, when gums wrapped around your teeth pull away or wear off from the base, it is known as receding.
This repositioning of gums creates a pocket, mini spaces between gum lining and teeth. This gap acts as a ground for food accumulation which leads to bacterial build-up leading to decay.
This issue takes a few years to develop. If poor oral hygiene is consistent, then this problem is most likely to occur.

What are the Causes of Receding Gums?

It is more common than you think. Usually, people do not even realize their gums are receding until their teeth suddenly ache one day.

Genetic Factor
It might seem odd, but genes play their part in more areas than we think. It is not always your fault. If this problem runs in the family, you probably will suffer from it too.

Gingivitis and Periodontal Disease
Gum infections are most likely to push back the gum line from its original position. It is an early stage (gum inflammation) infection that moves back gums from the teeth. Later on, it develops into periodontal disease if not treated.

Poor Brushing Technique and Tartar Buildup
Dentists have always emphasized having a proper brushing technique. Rigorous brushing can cause gums to recede.
On the contrary, if you brush less, plaque will accumulate and harden around the base of your teeth. This will change the position of your gums.

How to Stop Receding Gums?

The best option is to go to a dentist for proper discussion in order to grasp the situation better. They are properly equipped with knowledge and resources to deal with the issue.
Enlisting a few basic home remedies that will help fix the recession of gums.

1. Eucalyptus Oil
This oil is known to nurture tissue growth of gums, thus it aids in halting its recession. Eucalyptus oil has anti-inflammatory properties. Along with this, it also kills the bacterial buildup.

2. Oil Pulling
Tartar is one of the major reasons for gum displacement. It detaches the end to make its place. Oil pulling is an effective treatment to get rid of tartar, thus stopping the gums from receding.

3. Saltwater Rinse
Saltwater concoction reduces gum inflammation and also kills bacteria in the oral cavity. Rinse this mixture at least once a day for effective results.

4. Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera plant has made its place in every household. It has numerous benefits. For fixing the recession of gums, medicinal Aloe Vera is injected into the inflammatory site.

5. Use of Omega 3 Fatty Acids
According to a study, the use of omega 3 fatty acids for 12 weeks showed a reduction in swelling. It also improved the gum and tooth attachment.

6. Turmeric Gel
This method can be used to prevent recession during the early stages. Turmeric gel effectively works on plaque and tartar removal. Interestingly, it also has antioxidant properties preventing gingivitis which causes gums to move back.

7. Hydrogen Peroxide
Receding gums present themselves mostly with redness, increase in size, and pain. Hydrogen peroxide has molecules that diffuse into the gums and activate an anti-inflammatory response.
With these tips, you can easily reverse your gum problems. However, these might take a long time to work. Instead, we would recommend that you take dental assistance.
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