You need to undergo root canal therapy when decay reaches your tooth’s pulp. Your dentist will clear the pulp of decay and infection. However, sometimes complications follow this procedure. For instance, you might get an infection, although it is rare. We will mention signs of infection after a root canal that you should look out for.

6 Signs That You Have An Infection After Root Canal

Infection after a root canal is rare, but that does not mean it does not occur. There are many times when you would revisit your dentist after a root canal procedure. Some signs of infection after a root canal are:

1. Persistent Pain or Discomfort

It is typical to feel discomfort, pain, or soreness a few days following your root canal procedure. But if you have persistent throbbing pain after a root canal, it could indicate the presence of an infection. You can experience anything – from tenderness to severe pain. Pressure, touching the tooth, and exposure to extreme temperature can trigger pain. Inform your dentist or endodontist immediately if this happens.

2. Recurring Bump on Gums

Generally, a pimple on the gum appears before the root canal. It should get smaller and disappear following the procedure. You might have an infection if the bump on your gum remains a week or 10 days after a root canal. A persistent pimple on the gum is one of the signs of infection after a root canal.

3. Lethargy

Feeling tired or run down is normal after a root canal procedure. But you should contact your dentist if you feel lethargic after 7 to 10 days. It could hint that you have an infection.

4. The Area Surrounding Tooth Gums Feels Hot

The area around the infected gum and tooth will be warm to touch. Thus, you will need to see your endodontist or dentist if the area feels hot; it could hint at the presence of an infection.

5. Fever

One of the signs of infection after root canal is a fever. If your temperature is above 99.5 degrees, it could mean that your root canal site is infected.

6. Foul Taste in Mouth

You might have a foul taste in your mouth following the procedure. If your mouth has a bad taste, inform your dentist. They will suggest the appropriate treatment. Additionally, your breath might have an unpleasant odor as well.

Why Does Infection After Root Canal Occur?

Your tooth can get infected after a root canal if bacteria is left or reenters the canals, and it can happen for multiple reasons, like:

  • The shape of your tooth
  • Curved or narrow root canals
  • Extra or accessory canals
  • Delay in crown placement or restoration
  • Cavity or cracks after treatment

What Should I Do?

A root canal procedure cleans your tooth’s pulp of infection and decay. Sometimes, you can get an infection even after the procedure. Swollen gums, pimples on gums, persistent pain, bad breath, bad taste in the mouth, lethargy, fever, etc., are some of the signs of infection after a root canal. Visit your dentist if you experience these symptoms, or contact our specialists at Cypress Dental Clinic by dialing 832 427 6620.

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