Tooth sensitivity is not something easy to deal with. Sharp stings when you bite into an ice cream or sudden zap at the touch of soda, a memory you do not want to recollect. If the tooth pain comes and goes in impulses or stays like a dull ache, you suffer from sensitive teeth. We can understand how envious you might feel looking at others, enjoying food, beverage, and whatnot. You must wonder, “Why are my teeth sensitive?” right? Keep on reading this blog till the end to find your answer.

Multiple reasons can make your teeth sensitive to triggers like cold or hot items consumed. While some may seem easy to get rid of, others would require a dentist’s intervention. Let us discuss the top 9 reasons why your teeth are sensitive.

Clenching Jaw or Grinding Teeth

Clenching or grinding of teeth is scientifically known as bruxism. It is a disorder that affects an individual during the day as well as at night. Teeth grinding or clenching is common when a person is angry or deeply engrossed in some task that requires undivided attention. Clenching or grinding puts the teeth through unwarranted pressure making them sensitive and weak.

Excessive Brushing

Mostly, brushing vigorously with a hard-bristled toothbrush wears down the protective layer of the tooth over time. Due to that, your teeth become sensitive and send sharp pain when you eat hot or cold food and beverages.
It is best to switch your toothbrush with the one with soft bristles; alongside that, get your dentist on board to provide you with an apt brushing technique.

High Sugar/Acidic Diet

Foods with high sugar content are a treat for the microbes on your teeth. They feed on sugar and produce acids that damage the enamel. Similarly, when the food is rich in acids, it directly works to erode the protective layer of the teeth, making them sensitive.

If you question yourself, “Why are my teeth so sensitive all of a sudden?” always remember, nothing happens in a day. Ponder over your diet and eliminate anything that contributes to this issue.

High On Mouthwash

It is a good addition to oral hygiene regime. But, anything overdosed has its cons. Mouthwash has a good amount of acid in it. Rinsing your mouth more than once in large quantities will lead to erosion of the teeth layers causing sensitivity.

If you find yourself with tooth pain even with apt diet and regular brushing, try cutting down on mouthwash to see any difference.

Gum Disease 

Gum receding from their line is a very common symptom of gum disease. Issues like gingivitis or others will make the teeth sensitive. It is best to get a dentist’s help for appropriate treatment.
Frequent use of Teeth Whitening Products  
Some teeth whiteners are known to cause sensitivity—the chemicals used for whitening impact the outer layer of your teeth and wear down over time.

Cracked Tooth 

Cracked teeth have an entry way for bacteria which leads to sudden sensitivity.

Dental Procedure

Procedures like getting a filling, dental implants, or fixing the crown can make teeth sensitive. Luckily, this kind of sensitivity goes away on its own as time passes.

Decay Around Filling Edges

Fillings become weak as you age, forming a gap which makes your teeth very sensitive and causes throbbing pain. 

Final Take Out 

It does not matter why your teeth are sensitive, if you live in or near Cypress Tx, head to Cypress Dental Clinic for consultation to get pain management tips and help from professionals. For setting up an appointment, call now at 832-427-6620.

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