Dental implants have become common with the growing advancement in dental procedures. However, despite modern technologies chances of implant failure still prevail. The following are some of the reasons for it to occur.

Bone heal failure

The dentist for placing an implant makes a cut in the bone to insert a screw. This forms the basis for the artificial tooth. At this level, an implant can fail if the bone does not heal properly. This does not let the procedure move further. As a result, the screw needs to be removed and later replanted. A common sign of failure at this stage is the mobility of the screw when a person chews or talks.

Smoking and substance abuse

A constant habit of smoking does not let the cut to close. Therefore, the inserted implant does not heal completely. Similarly, other substance abuse may not let the wound heal on time and would make the implant go loose.

Infection and bone loss

Poor dental hygiene after having a dental implant may result in infection which may lead to further bone loss. This may eventually lead to implant failure. It is also important that the inserted implant should integrate with the jaw bone and if it doesn’t it may not let the implant settle. This usually happens in patients who have low jaw bone.

Signs of Implant Failure

You would be able to identify that an implant has failed when even after several days of the procedure you still feel the pain. The pain may even trigger days after the procedure. The pain can be accompanied by swollen and inflamed gums and your implant would begin to come out loose.

It is, therefore, imperative that at each stage the dentist keeps a proper check on the implant and notices even a slight change in the healing process. Implant failures can make you go through a difficult time but when the dentists are professional like Cypress Dental, the chances reduce considerably. To learn more about implants call on 832-427-6620 or visit our site to schedule an appointment.

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